Scorpions can be very dangerous for anyone or anything that cross their path. Not only do they pack a powerful sting but some are also poisonous.

Dentech Pest Control can come to the rescue for a scorpion pest control need. We are experienced in handling, removing, and preventing scorpions from your property. You can trust that Dentech Pest Control is one of the best service providers in the greater San Antonio area.



Spiders can also be very dangerous. They tend to build their webs in cool, dark places and you never know when you might cross a potentially deadly Black Widow spider or Brown Recluse spider.

You can trust Dentech Pest Control with all of your spider pest control services. We know how to safely remove them and prevent further spiders from building webs anywhere that you or your family might be unaware.

If you find a scorpion or spider or would like to know how to prevent them, please contact us at 210-957-0778.